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New at this site, but has anyone had a problemo with the bushing behind the clutch basket yet? I encountered this problem last week, design flaw from Honda it seems, after talking with some of the racers. The bushing doesn't get enough oil to the outside of it and seizes into the basket. After removing the basket out and taking it down to Honda (dealer I bought it from, not even a year ago), they promptly knew what the problem was, and ordered a new basket, bushing and seal for free, all this with no warranty on the bike. The updated bushing is now for sale (bigger oil hole and one more on the outer edge, coated with a different material and with a relief on the inside as well). I would recomend changing this before it seizes, because who knows if the Honda dealers are going to do this for everyone that comes in with this problem, even know it's thier mistake. You've probably all heard this already but I just had to share it.

Well you have a good dealer when I let my dealer know about the problem he said he never heard about it!!When I informed him there was an updated part he told me honda always updates there parts and there was no reason to be concerned!!I went ahead and bought the new bushing anyways and installed it my self.Now when I am out out in the desert 100 miles from my truck I have piece of mind!!!!A few people have had to be towed out for the very same problem your post should be taken seriously the part is cheap and can be replaced easily. terry

Originally posted by morewoops:

New at this site, but has anyone had a problemo with the bushing behind the clutch basket yet?..

Yep, this is old news and Honda dealers should know about this. From what I know, Honda started using the updated clutch bushing in the later 2001 bikes. I think the only way to find out if you have the new or old bushing installed is to take a peek for yourself if you don't already know. If you have a 2002 model, then you should be safe while 2000 models will all have the old bushing as well as many 2001's. Here's a picture of the two for comparison and the part number of the new bushing.


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