2000 WR400F/ What's it worth?

It has Renthal Bars, Utah Sport Cycle Skid plate, White Bros Exhaust, Aceribis Bark Busters, Guts gripper seat and soft foam. It's also in really great condition!

Anywhere from 2600 to 3000 in the PNW. :cry:

I just sold my 01 WR426 and the average price was 3750, I see the WR400's going from 3000-3500, if its a real beater or a cherry cream puff, it may go higher or even lower.

I wouldn't go for less than $3000, if it is in sound condition. The blue book on a 99 (when I checked in the spring) was around $3200, that is for a stock machine, all fixed up. All the aftermarket goodies raises that up a bit too.

SOLD 3100$ and now I am without... :cry:

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