Some 1994 XR600R Questions


I have a few questions about my 1994 XR600R, and I hope you can help.

1). What are some inexpensive modifications to get a bit more power?

2). What are some expensive modifications to lots more power?

3). Is there a way to switch the front forks from a 1987 CR500R to the XR600R?

4). What type of exhaust system can provide better power without being 'overly' loud?



Inexpensive mods include removing the airbox lid, grinding the welds down in the exhaust header, and switching to an aftermarket filter (UNI/TwinAir). For exhaust, I had a SuperTrapp that was too loud for me though it wasn't as loud as many. I just bought a stock exhaust and am putting a White Brothers Hot Tip on it. Claims are 7 hp but just 1.2 dB louder than stock (I'll let you know in a week or so). I have heard about the fork conversion, but wouldn't recommend it unless you are an expert. Maybe try Gold Valves and new springs, but the stock forks work OK with a little tinkering. Hope this helps, Ryan

The Crs did not go inverted forks until 1989. They 87 Cr forks are essentially what is on the 91+ Xr600s.


WRT to forks, are you saying that the forks from a 1987 CR500R are similiar, or equivalent, to the stock XR600R forks during the early 90's?



600 the forks you talk about will slip right into your old clamps. When I did mine I switched to the cr wheel and clamp as well though. I seem to remember changing the steering stem when I did it, but that was in 1989. It was a saturday job at most. You can improve yours,,but if you ride one with the CR setup sprung correctly you won't want the non-carts anymore.

The forks on a 94 XR600R are cartridge forks though, so is there anything to gain really???

On the forks,,,I guess I am all wet on that, thinking it was 95 or 96 before they made the change to Cartridge forks.

In that case a 94 owner would just be in the respring for weight market.

I just looked at one of the manuals I have which goes up to 1993. keeping in mind it is Clymer and suspect,,they show the 93 as having conventional 'NON' cartridge forks. Some people may be confusing that little popoff valve that came on some models as a cartridge.

I have a 1993 with cartridge forks :)

I had a 1994 600 and they have cartridge forks, its in the manual and written on the side of the fork, I also had the hot tip and recomend it, it is quiet and gave the bike some snap, although you still have the weight of the stock pipe. :)

I looked at a friend's bike,,,a 92,,,cart's on it too..i must be thinking of the 250's. time blurrs when you get this far over the hill. Clymer manuals are not too reliable, my shop manual is an 88.

R4,,interesting site.

Anyone with knowledge of Ossa must be over the hill :) We young bucks call it oldtimers disease!!! Is a cool site, the question was bugging me as I have a 1993 XR6 with carts and was wondering if they were stock or not. Ryan

I have a 1993 with cartridge forks, scence it was new

One of you hit the nail on the head! 10 years goes by pretty fast at my advanced age. I got a copy of the internals on the older cr's and the 1991 and newer xr's. they look the same but have lots of different part numbers. That could just be honda though. Like I said,,I dont trust the aftermarket manuals much. I think if you have the cart's that honda sent you have as good as you could get in conventionals and probably better than most upsidedown forks now. Springs and a possible revalve would make me happy with them I am sure.

So in short, is cartridge good or bad?? and by the way I still have a can of unopened fullbore oil and ossa parts. hahahaha

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