yz426 wheels will they fit....

will wheels from a 2002 yz426 fit on a 2000 426? please help! :cry:

Most likely

Actually I think the axle diameter is smaller on the 2000 model. A spacer and bearing change might be necessary but that would be about all.

According to steahlyoffroad.com they are the same parts

FlyWheel Weight for YZ 426F 00-02 (complete flywheel)

The wheel with the knobby right :cry: :cry: :cry:

Only with the 02 wheels spacers I've found out. The 02 wheel spacers I just bought for my 00 don't fit, they are too narrow.

in 2002, yamaha used wider hubs on the YZs to help stabilize the wheel.

So you will need the spacers from a 2002+ bike for your 99-01 bike.

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