slowly thinking of next bike to replace xr6. Help, thoughts needed

With all the new MX "bred" 4 strokes out there these days and more to come, it is getting harder to say no to buying a new one!

I have always owned hondas and they have treated me good. Never really had one break down beyond a CR blowing a bearing on the lower and taking out the top end. Used CR, kind of expected really.

You are all going to say that I need to look at my riding. I like a MX bike for jumping, playing and in the woods. the Xrs do good, but I seem to like the MX suspension better, even though I may be a bit faster on the XR out there.

But I really like the new CRF, but the maintenance schedule is a bit demanding in comparison to the XRs. The CRF seems to be doing pretty well for those that have done a top end rebuild at 50-100hours on them. Most not really needing them yet since everything was in spec.

Then I stopped in at the KTM/Husaberg dealer today. Bad idea! SUPER NICE BIKES! They had about 1 of everything there. But you pay for them. It looks like the 400 and 520 KTMs are the same bikes, different bore and stroke. You know a 520 KTM with a 6 speed would be a scarry bike indeed! And at about 30lbs lighter than the XR6. If they made them w/o the electric start, I would opt for that. But the bike is narrow and very compact. Seemed a bit better layout than the CRF in fact. It seems beyond a skid plate and hand gaurds, there is not a lot else you can hopup on the KTMs. Pretty much ready to go. Price diferrence was about $400 at the most from the CRF to a 400MXC. $600 for the 520. How is the maintenance schedule on the KTM 4 strokes? How is the reliability and power on them?

Anyhow, I am starting to lose focus here a bit. I am not a big guy, but strong enough to muscle a xr6 around tight woods and Browns camp without to much issue. Anything good/bad or better for the CRF or KTMs? Also what KTM? the 400 or just go with the 520 since it seems the same bike as the 400 (exact specs) just a bit more motor which would never hurt.


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You can't go wrong with one of the KTM's. The one and only drawback with these machines is price.....oh yeah, and changing the oil. It involves changing two filters.

My friend is racing an '02 KTM 400 E/XC. I've ridden it on several occasions. I abosolutely love it. The thing is just a featherweight!!! And the electric start works about being spoiled. The only thing I didn't like about it was it just didn't have quite enough power. It was no slouch, but I'm used to my 650. If I were to buy another bike, it'd most likely be a 520.

As far as maintenance is concerned, KTM recommends you change the oil about every 300 miles. That is really no problem, since I do the same on my XR, but like I said before, the bike has two filters you have to replace, and its kind of a pain to get to them. Other than that, maintenance is not an issue on these bikes. The linkage-less rear shock is pretty cool, too.

Like you said, all you really need to do on the KTM is bolt on a skid plate, handguards, and you're ready to go. Even the stock exhaust is fantastic. My buddy put a White Bros. R4 on his 400, and there really wasn't that much difference.

I'm curious as to why you don't want e-start?

weight and one more thing to break/maintain.

From reading a few other post, you could get the SX and then still run lights on that. If I get one with a E start, it will not bother me, but just not a real priority.

Matt,,the MXC has a close ratio 6 speed that you would like more for riding cross country type of stuff with than you would the sx. I have ridden the sx and no way would I buy it. The exc has a wide ratio 6 speed that I would like better,,but like you I dont see the need for the starter.

You can turn the mxc into the wide ratio trans cheaper than you can the SX.

If you can afford it, get the KTM 520. SOOOOO nice! :) I rode one the other day and it was very fast and powerful. Maybe not as much power as an uncorked XR650, but the other things compensate for that quite nicely. :D

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