05 Ride report part 2

Ok, My first day on the bike was over three weeks ago. I had to go on a business trip which is why time has gone by. Second and third day on the bike was this last weekend up at Hollister for a two day race. The only additional mods I have done was move my JD Jet kit from my 02 and received my suspension back from enzo. Please keep in mind that I had an EFM on my bike so there was still some adjustment going on with getting used to a clutch again. Cluth action is great and I might put a Magura on, but am NOT going to invest in a auto clutch. After riding w/ one for two years, They were slowing me down exiting turns. This might not be the same for everybody, just my observation. Also, put a fuel screw adjuster on, Stock was at 2.25, trimmed it down to 1.5. Blue needle, 3rd clip and installed the 170 main per JD's instructions.

My bike had a slight stumble sitting on the stand when you wacked the throttle. There has been some great debates on here weather that matters or not. Under load or not. Well, with the JD kit stumble is gone, 100%. Had to tweak my suspension a bit and by Sunday second moto, I felt like I was riding 'my' bike. The adjustment period was over. There was a big difference between the 02 & 05's and it took about 3 rides to overcome that. As for the bike being slow, Sunday second moto, I pulled a monster holeshot w/ 22 other guys on the gate and checked out. Forks are incredible, bike wanted to wheelie on the straights if I didn't have my body position correct, and I finaly got comfortable w/ the weight balance and jumping issue.

Just my $.02


Just curious, between the Flexx Bars and the RG3 do even feel the bike?

I keep my bikes for a minimum of two years. My last bike, I messed around w/ different suspension shops and ended up getting my forks re-valved four times. During that process, I developed tendonitis in my fingers because my forkss were SO FAR OUT of wack. I had hair line cracks on Renthal Twin Walls on both sides near the cross bar and I never crashed :cry: It was from constantly bottoming so hard, which led to the tendon issue. During that whole process I bought everything I could find to help solve the issue, ie, Flex Bars and RG3 clamps. They helped and I am a firm beleiver in thier product line. So that's why w/ this bike, I moved my Flex bars over, picked up some new RG3's and went straight to enzo suspension, Now after my third ride on this bike, I am totally happy with how it is performing. It's alot of cash, but ammoritize it over 24 months, and it 's well worth the investment.

Did you get your suspension revavled or just get differnet spring rates? Did you also get the subtanks? How is the difference with the Enzo stuff compared to stock?


I got a revalve and different springs also. No subtanks, the 2005 Kayaba stuff is supposed to have a much greater bottoming resistance and doesn't require subtanks. Or better stated by enzo "the subtanks for 2005 will increase performance, but not as greatly noticed as in earlier models" I chose to forgoe the subtanks.

I had my 05 done by Enzo also. I weigh 175 and they left the fork springs alone with a revalve. Replaced the rear spring with a lighter (RCS) unit and revalved. We had that Thumpertalk race at I5mx on Friday and it was soo nice. Did not touch a setting. I think it is better then my 250f.

Have you spent enough time on the earlier YZ450's to compare the power delivery between those and your new bike?

I did 700 miles in Baja in May on a 04. I could not really tell. But then again riding a 250f for the red sticker season affects my opinion. You grow used to the lower power.

Have you spent enough time on the earlier YZ450's to compare the power delivery between those and your new bike?

I have not spent much time on the earlier 450's, but my buddy who also has an 05 came from an 03 and he said that he could notice a smoother power delivery. He also had the fly wheel and aftermarket pipe as yourself on the 03.

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