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Lone Star Bike Rally

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Croaker & I went to the bike rally in Galveston, Tx. this past weekend. Got to see alot of sweet custom choppers, stock & modded Harleys, imports, trikes, minis, etc...

A few of the guys from O.C.C. were there. Got to meet Vinny, Cody, Campo, and Keith (the new manager- he's kinda an ass on the show, but - eh 😢 - he was there.) Campo was very cool, down to earth, and genuine 😢. Cody was, ummm 😢, a little cocky. Vinny was very busy (with autographs and the like), but also very down to earth. Keith was - well, pretty much like he is on the show 😢.

Mikey was supposed to be there, but a no-show. Something about an accident before the show 😢.

We went on Sunday - last day of the show. I thought it was gonna be the drunken, hooting, fighting, "Show us your t*ts" crowd. But it wasn't that way at all. I would have been o.k. with taking our young boys. It was a little hot that day, but all-in-all, we had a great time.

Thought I'd share a few pix...(we have more from the 35mm, but haven't developed them yet. I'll try to update when we do.

Mikey's "Blues Bike", but the paint scheme seems to have changed from when the program aired.


"Mikey & Vinny's Bike"


Close-up of M&V bike front fender


Close-up of M&V bike rear fender


"Fire Bike"


F.B. rear fender


"Spider Bike"


Vinny & Campo


Another V&C


Not an O.C.C. bike, but a sweet ride to show a little Texas pride. "Longhorn Bike"


Close-up of the detail on the Longhorn paint scheme (very nice)


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We did have a nice time. 😢

Oh, you forgot to mention how whiney those yankees were when it came to the heat! Geeze....it was even 'mild' on Sunday! 😢

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