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Starvation Ridge GP Sept 26th

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Outstanding chance to pre-ride the Starvation Ridge track before the 24hr GP on Oct 30,31. The track ran backwards from the last time I was there. I still managed to crash on the same jump though. Deep loose dust in the corners and visibility was so bad that I couldn't see my front fender sometimes. Very fast riding through most of it, but there was a section between miles 6-8 out of 10.5 that was so twisty that a CR80 would be the weapon of choice. Very similar to the Desert 100 for the terrain and dust problems. During the riders meeting, Scott stressed that you should stay on the course because of rocks. No $HIT! While blinded by dust clouds you could easily fly off the track and meet up with a keg sized rock right on the margins.This was a blast to ride even though I didn't place too well.I didn't see any other TT fender stickers but I know I couldn't have been the only one there. Anyone else go to this?

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