Wheelie pic from Bryan in Denver...

Hi Thumpertalkers. Remember me?

I finally went riding last weekend with KerryT, formerly known as the wheelie king. Seems as though he has one of those new crappy WR450's. Actually, I rode it and now I'm depressed about riding my old WR400. It was awsome. No comparison. My WR400 is very sad now and has WR450 envy.

Anyway, I took my Digital SLR along for the ride and luckily it made it back un-scathed.

I would post this in the pictures forum, but this is my old/original home.

Here is a panning/action shot of KerryT doing his think in the Hayman burn area around Woodland Park. Note that the bike has yet to take a digger.


Nice shot dude :cry:

great shot...wish i could do that

Damn all that shiney blue is hurtin the eye........nice shot bro. It what its all about. :cry:

Don't worry Bryan I'm bound to hit a big ol' tree soon! I'll have some scratches on that thing yet. Maybe if I don't crash soon I'll just drag it behind my SUV!


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