XR650L stock pipe mods

Does anyone have any info on modifing the stock pipe/baffle?

I thought I read somewhere that you can buy a race endcap from Honda OR drill the end out...

It looks like the baffle is tack welded in...

I just bought an 04 XR650L

and will soon be ripping the smog stuff off, and jetting.

I don't want to spend the bread for a high dollar pipe...

any suggestions?

OR should I just run the stock baffled pipe as it is?

thanks! :cry:

You have the idea. Just grind off the spot welds and remove the bolts. You will have the insert to put back in for stealth runs and remove it for the rest. You will have to work with it to remove it from the pipe if it has any hours on it. I had to use a slide hammer to pull mine out but it had years of riding on it.



watch out when cutting the spot welds, it will cut into the muffler if you take off too much and leave 2 holes in the end pipe.

There used to be a thumper-racing baffle avail. but no one has been able to find it recently.

You can grind the welds, pull the bolts, and remove the baffle. That's a little loud, (tool loud for me) but you can also cut the inside part of the baffle short.

Don't go too loud- the stealth aspect of this bike is very useful!

PS don't forget the standard mods- drill, shim, de-snorkel, rejet! I posted a full set of instructions on a recent thread.


Thanks for the replies.

I am going to use daves receipe for jetting :cry:

I found some info on a race baffle here http://www.geocities.com/wwbagwell/

I am currently searching the web to find one.

Is the pipe /endcap on a xr650R the same as the 650L ??

as in, will a race insert from an R fit an L ?



I pulled the baffle out.

A quick grind with a Dremel tool, a slight tap with a small cold chistle, and it popped right out.

Heres a few pics.

( I bolted it back in until I get it jetted, it's loud, but not TOO LOUD :cry:)

If I want to tread quietly, I'll just pop it back in :cry:






i scoured ebay for 4 months... but then i found my white bros e series.

Shipped from cali was right under 100 bucks and in like-new condition. I uncorked the end but the performance pipe made my moab into the MOAB.. 2 different bikes

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