Exhaust Pipes

I am sure this has been covered a few times but I ran a search and did not find what I am looking for so I now put this up for discussion. I am thinking of getting a new pipe for the WR450. I am currently running the stock pipe with a GYT-R insert, the 40 dollar model. I mainly ride technical single track, double track and the such..."Rocky Mountain Riding" if you will. Rarely do I find myself on a track. I want a good pipe that will give a bit of grunt but I am not looking to give the tree huggers here in Jackson any more reason to close more riding terrain. Therefore it has to be on the quiet side of things. I see many people are running the FMF Q, Big Gun etc. I am thinking about going with Yamaha GYT-R pipe. Anyone running this? :cry: Any feedback would be great.

That little turd insert from GYT-R still chokes off a lot of what the great blue beast is capable of. They GYT-R pipes are more for the YZ. (closed course kung fu) LOUD as all get out. I too was curious to the GYT-R pipes as they were one of the only exhaust sources to site horsepower gains (like 3hp low and 1.5 mid through upper) I ran one finally and liked it, but it will get you stopped quick. The Q is good, but I'm waiting for more feedback on the White Bros. E2. I posted an thread asking for input on the E2 and someone made the valid point that the E2 works with an insert. (much like stock) Knowbody really responded if it was an increase over stock.

I don't know what to get either. I want as much power as possible, and I am very interested in shedding the heavy stainless stock can.

Did I even help you at all or just reiterate my own dilemma out loud? :cry:

I myself am going to wait and see what the 05 WR 450 pipe sounds like and how much it weighs. Also what the performance is like, then I'm sure some one will yank one off of their new bike and put on some LOUD thing and I can buy the stock one for a nominal fee. All providing of course that it bolts up just like the 03 & 04 models, or without alot of modification. :cry:


Highly subjective on my part......get your self a Q! Loose 5 pounds and pick up some bottom end in the process.

All at 94db's, I had it checked. :cry:

Thanks for the input guys. That insert I am running does choke the thing off big time. Most poeple I see running WR's with a stock pipe have pulled out the baffle and are just running the pipe as is. I would like to loose a bit of weight on the rig as well though.

Take a look at www.quietiscool.com I'm running their insert, it makes almost as much power as open and I've been complimented several times on how quiet it is.... :cry:

i run a yz pipe good sound better power

And way too loud for anywhere but the race track.....I have one I use when motoing, I wouldn't run it anyplace else!

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