XR650R HRC Exhaust Baffle

I recently purchased the HRC exhaust baffle from Honda. According to Honda and other sources, this is a spark arrestor, but it does not say "USFS Spark Arrestor" on the end cap like the stocker. Is it for sure? Any ideas?

Yes, this has the full screen and everything to be a true spark arrester and technically it is from what I understand, but there's no label on it anywhere that refers to it being a spark arrester like on the stock non-HRC baffle.

I believe the US Forest Service loosley defines a spark arrester as stainless steel wire screen located in the muffler with openings in the screen 0.023 inches or less, but I only have partial notes from when I was looking into this a while back.

The US Forestry Service says:


"ALL OHVs must be equipped a muffler in good working condition as well as an approved spark arrester. An approved spark arrester will have the Brand Name and serial number stamped into the metal of the exhaust system. Some Moto-Cross bikes DO NOT come stock with a spark arrester. No OHV without a spark arrester is allowed to operate in the National Forest. "

I've always wondered how the HRC tip would be treated by most rangers, so I too am interested to hear more on this. So far, I've not heard of anyone having problems with the HRC tip even in areas where rangers perform frequent checks (i.e. Gorman), but it would be nice to get some more opinions on this.

In my state (michigan) one of the tests of a spark arrester is that a rod is inserted into the end of the pipe, if it is deeper than a certain measurment, I think its 6" then it does not qualify. That is why all the aftermarket arresters are short screen cones. The Honda tip is very deep even though it has a screen, that is why I belive it is not marked as a spark arrester. If you compare it to the depth of the stock tip that is marked as an arrester you will see what I mean.

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