Allen Bolt sizes for carb on 94 XR650L

I am going to replace the bolts on my carb with allen bolts.

Could someone list the sizes. I would like to pick them up on my way home and not leave the carb apart all night.

Thanks, Chris

Shoot, I used to know...

They're real cheap at home depot, I just grabbed an assortment.

Don't forget to do the standard mods (drill, shim, de-snorkel, etc...). Of course, that's probably why its apart...


Correct Dave, I am going to Drill and Shim.

Also looking for the shim dimensions. Would you happen to know off hand?


0.030 inches thick, quite small in outer diameter. It needs an inner diameter that'll let the needle through, and an outer diameter that'll let it go down into the little 'well' at the bottom of the slide that the needle fits into.



#4 washer

4-4mm X 10mm

4-4mm X 16mm

did the trick thanks.

Chris :cry: :cry:

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