thunder alley pipe a ghost???

Ok, i ordered a thunder alley pipe the end of July from Bob, and i was all excited for it to come. but then i call him up to see where its at the middle of Augest and UPS had dinted it or something :cry:. soo he started making me a new one. I call two weeks ago seeing if its done because my old pipes endcap blew out, and it was getting ceramic coated. then i was like "YES next week" :cry: :cry:. Last week came and it didn't show up. I call again and its still getting ceramic coated.

Has anyone else had this much problems trying to get a TA? I think im just venting because im getting a little perturbed (sp) and i just want my stinking pipe already!

When i ordered mine last year, it took about a month and a half to get mine from start to patient...its worth it! Just keep callin and buggin them and im sure it will arive soon!

Bob is at the whim of Embee when you want a coated pipe, because he can't ship them until he gets them back from Embee (the ceramic coater). I ordered my TA last October and got it about 1-1/2-2 months later and I absolutely love it. It will be worth the wait, trust me.

hey thanks, everyone has told me its the best pipe around, i guess i'm just impatient.

Dude, check out my posts from several months ago. Same story with TA. The WORST customer service around. I kept getting the "it's lost", "it's at the ceramic coater's" stories for WEEKS. Finally he stopped returning my calls and emails. I had to threaten with legal action to get a straight answer from the guy. Took over 2 months to come. I'm sure he probably has good intentions, but his service sucks. I'm not surprised that he doesn't lose more business. I guess people would rather have the pipe instead of customer service. . . :cry:

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