DCM Camshaft Cap Question

Hey guys,

My '03 450 cam came in a day early so I am trying to see what my new clearances will be.

How hard should the exhaust cam be to turn once you have the camshaft cap on?

What's happening is when I put the exhaust cam in and start to tighten the camshaft cap down, the cam dose not want to turn freely at all. I have the circlip installed and set into the bearing grove on the cam, so it's lined up ok. It seems to be binding on the right (brake) side. when I loosen all the bolts, it's still extremly tight. I have the original shims in the cam caps while I'm doing this. I have tried the stock cam and am having the same problem!

I have the "I" mark lined up and can't think of what is happening. I can't imagine tweaking that camshaft cap when I was taking it off or putting it back on, I've just snugged it down.

In the manual it says to find TDC with your stock cams, to turn the crank counterclockwise and line up the "I" and the horz. punch marks etc..., would it matter that I turned the crank clockwise to get to TDC? This is how I took my original clearance measurements and got a .216 on the right and left side. The intake and exhaust lobes were opposit each other.

Sooooooo, any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated,


Sorry about all that!

The shim on the brake side was not seated properly :cry:!

It's free at last :cry:!

Looks like I was off on my shim prediction by .05mm. My clearances went from .216 to a .317. I am going from a 178 to a 190 (not 195) on the brake side and from a 176 to a 185 (not 190) on the shift side.

I will get my old shims swapped out tomorrow and start getting it buttoned back down. When my TT decomp plug gets here I can fire it up :cry:!


Fantastic you had me trying to think of everything after that call. :cry:

You guys still using the pony express or something there? Most of us are getting 05's delivered. :cry:

As soon as I hung up, it dawned on me to check the shim position under that cap, sure enough it wasn"t seated right, so I repositioned it, set the cam in and cam cap back on and presto!

Thanks for the support :cry:,


Yea, in a few years I'll get an '05 when I can pick a creampuff up for $2250.00. Untill then, I'm going to ride the living dog out of my perfectly good (soon to be gooder) 426 :cry:!

06 for me.....btw, the 426 is a great bike. Anyone who can't ride it fast can't ride a 450 fast. HOWEVER, when the aluminum framed 218lb YZ450 comes out in a year....Big Daddy is gonna get one. Why? Cuz I can! (Momma gave me permission! LOL)

I had to beg to get this 426 :cry:!

I better not push my luck just yet. Maybe I'll pick up an '06 in a few years. The 218lb's dose sound very tempting though :cry:!


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