Is the 04 and the 05 triple clamp the same?

Was wondering if it was the same. Also is the 04 and the 03 the same? I need to get aclamp that excepts the oversized bars. Thanks for the help!!

the 04-05 are the same at 48mm. yamaha changed from the 46mm to the 48mm from 03 to 04. so any triple clamp that you get for an 04 will fit an 05. good luck :cry:

This post got me thinking. Does anone know if the offest and spacing is exact between 03 and 04/05. If so I should be able to machine 2mm from my RG3 clamps and have them work. And save a ton of money.

Oooo I dont know if you want to. 2mm of something that thin already might be a bad idea. I would just ebay them and buy new.

As Gonzo said you would be flirting with dissaster. Things like those clamps are usually engineered with a balance of rigidity/weight/strength in mind. You could very easily be crossing the line by removing that much material from them. :cry:

Gonzo has the best idea, just sell them on ebay and buy the right ones. :cry:

Just think of what would happen to YOU if your triple clamp broke. :cry:

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