Starter Clutch help

I ordered a new starter clutch, as mine is about to give up the ghost. Well... I just started looking through the manual and realized I will have to pull the flywheel. I have 2 concerns:

1) I don't have a flywheel puller. Will I need one? If so, where do I get it?

2) Since my WR450 is an 03 model, I am afraid to invite woodruff key issues. I have about 3000 miles on the bike now and I have done nothing to the woodruff key. I am concerned I may screw that up.

Any help is appreciated.


You can get the puller from motoin pro for about 15 bucks. I dont think pulling the fly weal will make shearing the key any more likely as long as you don't damege the key and reinstal it. make sure you tourq the fly weal bolt and use lock tite.

If the flywheel/rotor have been lapped and glued, per Yamaha's TSB for the Woodruff key "fix", it'll be a royal PITA to get the rotor off. Might need to heat things a bit, I don't know. Make sure you take your time and leave the nut on to preserve the crankshaft end.....

Good luck, :cry:

First of all, How do you know your starter clutch is "about" to go bad? Your starter clutch is either OK or it isn't. There really isn't any in-between.

When pulling your flywheel (rotor), you will mostly likely need to heat it up with a propane torch. You will also need a 15/16 "offset" box end wrench. This is needed to hold the flywheel (rotor) from spinning while you take the rotor nut off.

You can do it! I just did mine and learned the hard way. Get the puller a new flywheel nut and key, the starter clutch gear on mine was bad also so get one of those and a side cover gasket. The clutch wears so you can tell its going out, it doesnt work like new, grabs and lets go for example. Remember the flywheel was put on with a Loctite thats not made to come off easy. Before using the puller put the flywheel nut on to protect the crankshaft from mushrooming. Just screw it on till its even with the end of the shaft, this should leave about an 1/8 of an inch between it and the flywheel, or room for the flywheel to come loose. I also used a washer on the very end of the shaft with a small hole to again protect the crankshaft, I used grease to hold it in place. Next put on the puller tighten it up, if your lucky it will pop and come loose. If not heat the hub of the flywheel up with a propane torch till its hot to the touch, let it cool then repeat several times. Heat will break down the loctite, its slow but you will use a lot less force to remove the flywheel. Be careful with the torch as to much heat can cause other problems, and crankcase oil can ignite. When removed be sure to clean the crank and flywheel tapers of the old loctite. I used a 3m #96 pad for this with parts cleaner. You will need only a few drops of the Loctite to reinstall, bearing shops have it here. The crankshaft threads are 12x 1.25mm pitch if you have trouble. Use a new nut and key when putting it back together. Just follow the owners manual for the rest and you be ready to ride. Good luck!

If I was doing it, I'd get the 04 upgraded parts and leave the glue OFF...let the new torque limiter do it's stuff. The 04 rotor isn't glued on...... :cry:

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