Will WR426 exhaust fit a WR450?

Does anyone know if a D&D aftermarket exhaust for a 426 fit on a 450 with some modification?

Its possible if the rear mount is adjustable.The problem area is going to be clearing the shock...that was my issue.

Worth a try though. :cry:

The rear mount should be adjustable where by adjusting how far the muffler slips onto the mid pipe. What clearence issues did you have with the shock. I'm trying to sell the exhaust system to someone who has a 450 but they need to know if it will fit first. Kind of a shot in the dark with out being able to bolt it up and see.

The mid-pipe makes major contact with shock reservoir......can you say super hot nitrogen!! :cry:

I would pass.

Just a tid bit of info to add here. I will post this reply also. I bought a header pipe for a yzf450 off of ebay for 20 bucks. Its in great condition, but get this....IT FITS ON MY 03 WR450!!! I just saved myself a wad of cash. The only differences are that the guard is longer which i think may be better, and the pipe is made of stainless instead of Titanium. Saved me 270 bones though.

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