did the stupidest thing ever. now im paranoide about problems. help!

alright so i did an oil change the other night while doing some other maintenance. the next day i was getting ready to go riding and started my bike. it ran for about 2-3 minutes and then i stopped it when i realized that i forgot to put oil in the night before. i can't believe i forgot to put oil in but it happened. so i put oil in it and went riding for a few hours that day. the bike seemed to run great like every other day and it didn't feel like there was a loss of power at all. the top end (valves and stuff) did sound a little bit noisier than usuall but my bike has always seemed to be real noisy. i shimmed the valves about 10 or so hours ago so they were in spec. i don't know if was just me or what but i kinda seemed a little harder to start, its usually 1 or 2 kicks hot. i did notice a hanging idle when stopped. right at the begging of the day after i put oil in it i noticed it was idling lower then before, its usually around 1800 but after the dumbass move i had to turn the idle up to get 1800. about the hanging idle, when im stopped i give it a rev and it come back down and hangs at 2100 or so for a few sec. and then down to 1600-1800. the bike blows a little bit of blue smoke at start up but no sign of burning oil any other time. i don't know what do about this, should i just leave it for now and see what happens after another ride or 2. im not really up for tearing it down right now. i feel so f in stupid. any suggestions? and i don't need any more burns if thats what some of you are gonna do.

thanks shane

the hanging idle will have more to do with ambient air temps than anything else. richen up the pilot circuit with the fuel screw, it will go away

go a quarter turn at a time. :cry:

Your lucky these bikes have roller bearings. As long as the cams looked pretty good then you should be fine. Just a little more wear and tear. When was the last time you did a top end anyway? How many hours/miles do you think are on the motor? When you added oil did you check for oil pressure? It probably is just fine.

I would just ride it like you already did and see how it behaves, you can't much hurt it more. You were lucky, my bud not. He forgot to tighten the 426F engine bottom drain plug and he lost it on track, and the engine seized on a full speed main straight. Still amazing little damage, only top end (cams mainly) and piston were damaged, he killed the engine right when he noticed the drag went bad. Hope your 2-3 minutes were idling the engine warm, not revving hard...

Sh*t happens, so what else is new. :cry:

A puff of smoke on the first start after the bike sits for a bit is generally a sign of intake valve seals leaking oil onto the valve heads.

If it doesn't blow smoke under a load, the rings are probably OK, which would be a generally good sign about the cylinder. If it doesn't have a fairly loud new rattle, you probably did not do too much to the piston. Keep an eye on it to see if it's started to use oil, though.

If you want, you can remove the cam caps and visually check the bearing surfaces there.

Otherwise, it sounds like you dodged one. (there's no "crossed fingers" icon)

:cry: I thought i was the only one who did this...changed the oil to find out i did have any and waited till the next day when the store was open...ended up starting the bike a couple days later only to later realize i didnt have any oil in it after running for a couple mins. If the bike was just sitting there idling and you werent bouncing it off the rev limiter, i would just filler er up and ride it. I tore mine apart before i sold it and did a top end and did a thorough inspection on the major components and everything still was within specs and showed no signs of excess wear. Your not going to do anymore damage than what you might have caused already.

Any damage that's going to happen has already happened.

It should be fine to idle it for a few minutes. I wouldn't make a habit of it, but it should be ok.

All of the things you mentioned were probably already there and you didn't notice until you were looking for a problem.

As mentioned, the hanging idle is carburetor/jetting related and just a coincidence that it showed up now.

The only thing I'd worry about is a knock or a loud tap.

ive got about 75 hours on a totally rebuilt engine. i took it for a rip today and it ran good. i was easy to start when it was cold or just warmed up, but once it was hot it got noticeably harder. right now all my jets richer then normal because i was having a problem with it running lean.

ive got about 75 hours on a totally rebuilt engine. i took it for a rip today and it ran good. i was easy to start when it was cold or just warmed up, but once it was hot it got quite a bit harder to start. i also noticed that as soon as i started it, i had to turn the idle down from yesterday because it was idling so high. right now all my jets richer then normal because i was having a problem with it running lean. would that have caused any damage to the clutch. it could be dragging when im tryen to start in gear, making it harder to start. could that be possible? its got a barnet dirt digger kit (friction and clutch plates with springs).


I changed the oil on my 250f once and for some reason I noticed I was having clutch problems. Except in my case I didnt forget to put the oil back in. I guess you can always take off your cluth cover and take a look. Thats what I did and I didnt notice any wear. But the problem still exists. Only happens when the bike is first started after like a day of rest. After about 30 min of riding it seems fine.

ya its still hard to start even after a while of riding. ig uess i could put my old clutch back in it and see ifs still the same.

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