'03 450 Pipe or no pipe

I just bought thie 2003 yz450f. My previous bike was a 1999 yz 250. I like my 450 a lot better than the 250. I've been told that my bike will work a lot better with an after market pipe like a Dr.D. I like the power just fine but I'm wondering if they're just trying to sell pipe or if it is in fact a legitimate claim.Does the pipe take power away to make it easyer to ride? I don't think I would like that. It is nice to come out of a tight turn and be able to just instantly light it up for a double.

Can someone shed some light on this for me????


I rode my 450 for over a year witthout a pipe on it and it was pretty good. I was at the dealer one day and I picked up the Dr. D pipe for it. It does feel better everywhere. Revs quicker, better power down low etc. I tend to lug it around in corners alot, I spend most of my time in 2-3rd gear, and it pulls much better. If you have $900 get the White Bros Carbon Fiber like Ricky, Kevin and Chad. Otherwise, for half of that get the Dr. D.

In the bike mags the stock got a grade of C+ while the Dr D got a B+ I believe.

I have tried mine with the stock exhaust and the FMF Ti4 system, just for fun (I bought the bike with the FMF on it already).

Compared to stock, the bike seems stronger at the low end and through the middle, and there isn't a "hit" anywhere. The top end feels about the same, although I've seen dyno charts that showed a gain of almost 2 for this system.

What I haven't tried was mixing and matching head pipes to see how much was attributable to the Power Bomb, and how much was the mid-pipe/muffler.

I would have to say no pipe. When i asked this question to a friend of mine whos been riding for a very long time, he responded "are you riding your bike to the limit". My response was of course not, if i was id be pro. So then why waste all that money if your not riding your bike to the limit anyway. Now if you had a 250f and needed that extra boost for tight corners with a 50ft double after it id say def. get a pipe. I guess thats my 2cents. Save your money its not worth the $600 to get extra power your not going to use anyway. Unless your riding your bike to its limit...then i just wasted a whole lot of typing :cry:

No I'm not a that level so I think your right. I guess I'll just have to keep my money.



Unless you're competing and riding your bike to it's limit, save your money. That's my 2 cents...


I disagree. A pipe is a great addition to the 450 - lighter weight better power characteristics. The DRD is a great pipe and will add more controllable snap all across the powerband. I use A WB Alum Race Series complete system. I have a slightly used DRD slip on that you would use the stock head pipe - PM me if you are interested.... :cry:

I disagree. A pipe is a great addition to the 450 - lighter weight better power characteristics.

Keep in mind that the weight you will drop, although not as great as on some bikes, is weight that's way up high on the bike, so you will notice it.

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