SRC brace installed

Well after taking about 2 hours to install the thing and change fork fluid again, it is done!

Just from jumping on the pegs in the garage if feels like a tank on viagra up front! Much better like the Inverted forks. Hopefully I get a trail ride out Thursday before work again. I am hoping this keeps the front end from washing out so much on the trails and easier to ride the xr6 in the muddy, sloppy trails.

There is a group of us going out Thursday to Brown's Camp, well just two for sure, maybe five. Have you checked out

yet? We often hook up here for a ride or two. In fact there is another guy named Matt from Portland that rides an XR600R dual sport.

Good luck with the brace. I have one on my XRL650 and I love it. It doesn't completely stop the front end from tucking under, but it makes a huge difference. I'm afraid to even try and ride without the brace now...

I agree, I have one on my XR and it did tighten up the front end! Here is a funny story: I had Pro-Action Susp. put the SRC brace on my forks when i dropped off my bike to get the forks and shock rebuilt. I went to pick up the bike at their shop and i am pumped up and ready to tear off and try out my new suspension. I get home and my buddies are waiting, we take off the bike is hooking up like glue when i flew over about a 3ft swoop and bottomed out the forks. OL **** !!! They did not grind out the front fender which in turn shoved the brace straight into the front tire. After i picked my ass up off the ground i was absolutly blown away when i saw what the hell happened! I called them up and ripped them a new ass then called Wade Summers and keyed him in on what the idiots did, he also was blown away. The bitch of all this is that i took my bike to the main headquaters in Alaquipa PA and delt directly with Mr Quay!! Live and learn that was the last time i ever let someone else work on my bike!!

love the fork brace on my 01 650r. can't remember what it was like to ride without it. defenet plus in rock gardens and rutted mudholes.

01 xr 650r


e series

wer stering damp

src brace and kiwi case saver and hand gards

devol disk guard

ims 3.4 tank

moose air filter

zipty racing hotstart

ico pro computer

Yes, the fender is trimmed! I have read the stories. Not an easy job to do.

I rode the bike down the street today for a test ride to make sure everything is working. There is a lot less stichion (sp?) on the initial travel of the forks. The ride is a lot smoother. I also notice in a few corners how much better the bike turns! I am really pumped up! I cannot wait until the trails this saturday!

I am hoping that at least I can keep the front end under the bike now.

Why didnt I install one sooner?!!!!!

Oh my! yeah, what ruts?!!! Very nice. It felt like a 250cr on the trails today. I was easily out running my friend on his KDX today on the trails.

Bad news, the supercrapp finally broke at the mounting point. It is toast! done! gone. Do NOT buy a supertrapp or other system like it. They dont fit good on the xr600s and are loud and pack with mud and are garbage.

Following that, anyone want to buy a SuperTrapp in good conditions for an XR600R??? I agree they are too loud, love the cheap Hot Tip with the stock pipe. I just got done with three days of riding Jones Creek and Brown's Camp and the power it makes is much better. This thing is only 1.2dB louder than stock, so you can actually hear the intake over the exhaust, it's weird. Looking at the SRC brace and think it will be a future purchase. Ryan

Browns camp would be a different ride with a fork brace for sure! I went there last year and the ruts just kicked my butt! i was over the bar so many times!

Maybe the groomed the trails now?

Anyhow, anyone need spare parts for a supercrapp? I believe it is actually made by FMF (which may be the whole issue) but still a 4" exhaust does not fit behind the Xr600s wide rear tire.

You guys are a crack up. It is funny. All of us have about the same mentality. Hey I got a question... Can you put the brace on an XR 600 and the neoprene booties? How about with the slider guards and the booties? How much fender shaving? Do you need a fender brace?

Hey also, Where at in Oregon are you Matt. I'm going to head up there this summer. My brother lives near Eureka CA. But those dunes in Florence? looked like a lot of fun.


I have a lot of friends that go ride the dunes, but I have not been out there.


I have the neoprene fork boots, the SRC brace and the slide protectors all on my bike. I had to grind the fender clear down to horizontal portion of it where the bolts go thru to mount it to the lower triple clamp. The down side is that the fender is weakened. I bought the fender brace from summer's but have not install it. The fender has been twisted in all different directions to the extreme and it has not yet cracked! these are a definate needed addition to the XR's!!!!

Thanks! Yea I want to get the handleing down before I go for more power. How did you run the neoprene boots? The brace with the squeeges are a pretty tight fit aren't they? Do you go over the top of the little rubber squeeges? From what everyone says this brace must be awesome.


I took the forks out of the triple clamps and slid the squeeges on first. Make sure that the squeeges are a snug fit over the fork tubes because the first set i got were a little loose so i sent them back and got new ones and they fit snug. then slip the the neoprene boots over the squeeges and the fork brace pinches together over top of the squeege and the neoprene, on the other end just snug two zip ties down on the neoprene.

Thanks, I can picture it now. And they are definitely worth it huh? It would be sweet if that thing really did work.

And I don't have a manual. What is the torque on the top pinch bolts for the triple clamps? Oh and for the bottom's also?

Reguarding the exhaust issue.....I had an E-Series on my XR600 for about a year and a half. Then I was convinced I needed a Big Gun......after using the Big Gun for a while, I can't say enough good things about my E-Series......I kicked myself in the ass for getting rid of it.

[ April 10, 2002: Message edited by: RedThunder ]


the torque specs are i believe 28nm's on the pinch bolts. You don't want to wrench down to much on them r/t you could distort the fork tubes.

Is that FMF a good pipe? Same as E-series? quiet?

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