(Warning) Honda OEM parts warranty

CHEAP....what a maroon....I blew $250+ just to get the thing the next day....I don't know if it is the drugs you're doing or the drugs you need to be doing but, the smack you are spitting is wack.....

Order 9 stators big man and post the reciept :cry:....I have already paid for 3 stators....The original, the Honda OEM that failed and an after market from Ricky Stator :cry:....Let's see if your man enough to put your money were your mouth is...I doubt it very seriously....Just another cause of a nobody with Diarrhea of the mouth. :lol:

P.S. Make sure you order Honda OEM smart guy...Your local Honda dealership will be happy to assist you in your puchase... :cry:

2004 Husaberg FE650e $13,400.00 :cry: :cry: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

2004 FE650e nice bike way cool to ride! I road one 7 months ago for the good part of the day and thought WoW someone got if right! But, the owner said, the same thing as you did....It was a good day and if he needed something he would ride his XR600R till he got it fixed. If felt like a CRF450 with balls! And geared to do 100+ what a combo. It felt ever bit as fast and as smooth as my 680 but, lighter! The rake was a little different or something....maybe it was the fork hight but, by the end of five hours I was in the grove and my bike felt different. If they were known to be as reliable as a Honda and you could get parts fast I would be money in my pocket if I had gott'n a 2004 FE650e but, I have a BRP that cost almost as much....they do cost the $$$$$$$$ I think the big thing here is that you learned you should have looked into doing the work yourself insted of thinking it was a big deal that the shop had to do. Now that you know...read up and do the work yourself. Makes the bike more yours.

I have absolutly no opinion about the 2004 FE650e other than the price is way outta my league....As for the rest of your post BWB63 :cry: You absolutly right....

If there is anyone out there that is in need of a brand new Honda OEM stator...Get ahold of " PowerCell " he will have plenty on hand soon.... :cry: :cry:

Wined your own stator it takes a little time and there is plenty writen up on it. You can make you stock stator put out 200 watts. I wound mine as a duel stage stator 80 watt for DC and 120 watts for the light.

Tell ya what, my XR650R is under warrantee and will be for the next 4 years. Honda has always honored their warrantee, no arguement just replaces anything that should not have wore out. My only problem is no big money parts ever fail. It only little things like a tank mount. Nothing to cover the $500 bucks I laid out for the extended honda warrantee. The least honda should have done is build a bike that would make my purchase of the extended warrantee worthwhile. It makes me sick that the thing is so reliable.

What a rip off company.

Oh, by the way I had Baja Designs rewind my stator to give it more output. Would'nt ya know it, Baja Designs is another one of them companys that makes it difficult to lose money. Whats wrong with them? They guarrantee their stator rewinds for as long as you own the bike. Go figure.

As simple as electricity is...Me and electricity don't get along....I have read the writeups and none of it other than the materials list makes sense to me....Wind the coils in opposite directions ensuring that the parallel circuits are connected at a perpendicular point that is greater than or equal to the sea level of New Orleans in feet divided by the diameter of the magnetic wire listed above....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....:smash:

There are times when I just have to admit that I have arrived at a situation that is beyond my capabilities....

The extended warranty is the biggest rip off in the motorized vehicle industry....You probably have mortgage insurance and uninsured motorist coverage too....Some don't know enough to understand they are being screwed...kinda sad :cry:

Have no opinion about Baja Designs...Not sure why you brought them up....I am buying a stator from Ricky Stator ...$130.00 brand new...1yr warranty....

I think most of you are missing the original point of this post....It was meant for the guys that aren't aware of the fact that EOM is not the only nor the best way to go....It was not meant for you guys that already know everything about everything....I had that mentallity when I was 20 yrs old....I grew out of it and hopefully you will too.... :cry:

I agree about the warrenty but, I had a feeling....so, I got it just for my BRP and not the other four bikes I bought at the time :cry: warrenty on my bike just paid for Four gears shifting fork, well they paid for most of it...they don't pay for it all for some reason :cry: they show up and dicker with the machanic and you pay whats left over :cry: doesn't seem right...they paid, 1,150 of the 1,570.

Precisely BWB63....We are their mercy....I mean..What can we do when they make a decision?....Take them to court?....Yea right....They have more lawyers on the payroll than the government....All we can do is get the info out there and hope someone benefits from our misfortune....That is what these forums are all about anyway. If a post isn't going to help a bike owner, then what is the purpose of the post?.... :cry: :cry:

The good thing is it paid for it's self this time! For the first two years I thought I wasted my money again but, the feeling was right and I got luky. I didn't buy warrenty on any bikes in the past and thought I never would I bought six bikes in the last two years for the family and picked the BRP for the warrenty. Two 03 CR80's, 04' XR400, 04 TRX250ex, 04' ST1300 and the 03' XR650R and that's the only one I needed the warrenty for! Well so far. I am way a HONDA guy and it would be hard for me to buy anything else. I do think Honda should fix the known problems and fast! but, I also think they try hard to make the front selling bike awesome....the rest are parts bin bikes :cry:... The RC-51 is awesome the Supper Hawk is just ok....but that is what it was made for the guy that can only affored a bike that is $7,800 out the door but, wants a fast bike.....The guy that can pay $14,000 otd gets the RC-51.

Mostly I was being sarcastic. I am a Honda fan and have found OEM parts to be some of the best. I also am not really upset that I don't get to use my extended warrantee much. I do believe in Honda's extended warrantee and one of these days it may pay for it's self. In the mean time I feel very secure and my dealer must be Honda approved cause they do all the warrantee work with never a hastle or if I prefer to do the work thats ok too. They order the parts and give them to me. They only ask that I return the defective part.

You definately got a rip off dealer.

I brought up Baja designs stator rewinds cause Ricky Stator does not lifetime warrantee them like Baja does.

Well that settles that....

Hey Crackin-

One of these guys works for Amercian Honda--can you guess which one?!


Hey Crackin-

One of these guys works for Amercian Honda--can you guess which one?!


And it ain't me.

Might as well be that big moose

You mean a guy on here has some pull on fixing things on our bikes that are known to hurt riders and doen't do all he can to have it fixed? :cry: well :cry: :cry: :thinking:maybe he just doen't have much pull. I am sure he has his reasons for not pushing it up higher.

In big business revisions on design and engineering are stimulated by a loss in sales for the physical year, or a predetermined # of deaths caused by defective parts...A single individual in a large corporation doesn't have a chance in hell of stimulating design changes unless he is a Jack Roush or Carol Shelby....BUT...You would think he would at least get us some parts for cost....Ya think?

The most often found sign in a cycle shop: Open/Closed

The second: No returns on electrical parts.

Then you have the part installed by an independant shop.

When it fails, you ask for warranty coverage. With the above information, you made it very easy for them to deny the claim.

I guess we will never know what the Pasadena Honda shop's response would have been to the replacement alternator failure, if they had sold the part AND installed it. Would they have covered it? Dunno....but there would be one less reason for them not to.

I really am sorry you lost out, and glad you have found what may be a better, and certainly cheaper, alternator.

The Honda shop may be a bunch of jerks in this situation, but your actions probably helped set it up. You live and you learn.

Personally, no one puts a wrench on my bikes but me. If my mechanic screws up, I can cuss him in the mirror. But if it were a high-dollar part, commonly sold without warranty, I very probably would have the same shop install it, so I would have at least 1 leg to stand on if there were a problem.

Robert :cry:

I have a feeling that if I would have let Honda of Pasadena install the stator I would have not only lost the $370.00 for the stator but the cost of the install at dealership rates also....There is only one thing I am certain of....It will never happen again....I hope this post is enlightening and that is saves someone some time and money....

Happy motoring

If you paid for the stator and/or install with a Credit Card you could try and see if they'll roll back the charge. I got scr*w*d once and it worked for me.

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