1984 XR 500

I was just wondering if anybody on this sight still rides one I bought an 84 2 years ago it runs good but seems to have some engine rattel to it.I was wondering if these motors were just noisey or is it telling me it has lots of miles on it.I have not done anything to the bike except ride it .Any suggestion on things that can be done or should be done.Where can I find some new graphics for it stickers on the tank are looking rough.I'm new here so please help me out.Mike

I had an '84 a few years back. Just a warning.....beware of a "rattly" motor. If yours is making some noise, tear it down and see what the problem is. I had the cam chain on mine skip a couple teeth, and it bent the valves (luckily it skipped time while trying to start it). The guy that bought mine after I got rid of it had to replace $200 worth of parts in the valve train, too.

I had one for 15 years, and it never made any noice, it was solid, it seem to be faster than both my XR600's a 87 & 93. I always changed the oil after every ride or two, to keep it clean. It only took one kick to start, easyer than the 600's. So no you shouldn't here any noices, sorry about going on about the bike, I loved the bike. John Burr Honda was always able to help on parts, VIC in parts no one else, 909.823.1338.


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