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(Warning) Honda OEM parts warranty

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If you are thinking about buying Honda OEM parts instead of aftermarket, you might want to think again....I had a stator installed by an unauthrized dealer and the stator failed.....There were signs of heat on the sleeve that covers the wiring that is outside the case and the dealership (Pasadena Honda)that I bought it from claimed that the wires had been pinched during installation which shorted out the stator and the part warranty was now void....That was not the case....The wires were not pinched but that is the story the dealership(Pasadena Honda)told the factory and now I am out $350.00+...I have found that proving a dealership wrong is like trying to prove your wife wrong....It never works and the sad part is Honda won't even consider the other side of the story....Aftermarket is less than half the cost of OEM from Honda....I can buy 2 aftermarket stators with 1 yr warranty for less than the cost of Honda's OEM that has no warranty, and small shops charge half the amount dealerships do....My only mistake here was buying a Honda OEM part in the first place.....

Just a little story I thought I would share....In my opinion you are better off dealing with the smaller shops that need your business to survive....Honda evidentally doesn't.

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