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FMF Factory 4 + Gytr Jet kit + K&N filter

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Hey all...

I've been pulling my hair out over this jetting...

I have a FMF factory 4 system. Ditched the Power up jet kit, and went with the Gyt-r jet kit. Also have an K&N Filter with lid off..

At sea level (at pismo beach to be exact ) I was at a 170mj, 45 pilot, 4th clip on the ncvq needle, and 1.5 turns on the fuel mixture.

At 3/4 to wot it was bogging down and seem to be losing power.

So I guess thats running rich?

So now I'm trying at a 168mj, 45 pj, 4th clip, and 2.5 turns on the fuel mixture, and when I'm in neutral reving the engine, it sounds like crap. (sounds like its flooding or misfiring or something when you hit the throttle)

Haven't actually tried it riding it yet on the last combo, but does anybody have any suggestions? Is the reving sounding like crap in neutral normal or ok?

When I was at a 170 mj, it rev'd beautifull in neutral, but pop'd a few times when giving gas. (not decelerating)

any help would be appreciated.

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