Setting Preload on an XR650R

Is there an easier way to set the spring preload on the shock of an XR650R? What I have found tells me that I need to remove the back half of the bike (seat, pipe, subframe, airbox, etc.) There has to be an easier way! Honda made EVERYTHING else on the bike so easy to get to and adjust, there has to be a better way. Thanks for the help.

If you're lucky, you can just loosen the top ring, grab the spring with your hands, and turn spring. Worked on the XR600 I had.

Get a long punch hit it with a hammer and turn the spring!!!!!Terry. :)

Yep, if you are lucky, you can use a long screwdriver and tap with a mallet to loosen the lock nut on top, then just turn the spring, and retighten the lock ring. HOWEVER, it seems Honda really torques things down at the factory. I hammered on that ring and it would not move and I did not want to hit it any harder. I had to pull the seat, exhaust, subframe (XR400) etc. This was not really too bad, less than a half hour. THEN, I used this crazy looking two-foot-long PIPE WRENCH (!) I found in the basement because I don't have the special "spanner" and that baby still took a real strong tug to get the locknut loose. Then the spring turned easily for adjustment. Of course I did not tighten the locknut as much so now I can adjust it with just the screwdriver and mallet method. So the subframe removal should just be a one-time job.

Thanks for all of the advise I guess I just have to grin :) and deal with it. Thankfully once you have the preload set you do not have to monkey with it much.

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