does the XR650R overheat?

XR650R riders - have you had overheating problems, especially at slower speeds?

Yes. :)

two ways to help with the overheating. there is a higher pressure cap for the radiator something like a 1.7, where as the stock is a 1.1. second is to get an after market thermostat. the 650 likes a lot of air blowing in its face which helps keep it cool. but when trail riding its hard to keep the speed up to cool it down. i have found both parts together at my honda dealership for under $50. they also sell a high temp coolant.

I ride alot in hot weather, and my xr650r used to boil and loose all the coolant from the overflow tank while putting on slow trails.Other than this it ran really well so I always wondered why? The answer was that one of the exhaust valves was too tight right from the factory.Check your valves guys cause mine never boiled again. You wont probably need to subject your bike to a higher pressure radiator cap so give this a try first!

Uncork it, change the radiator cap to a 1:6, run water wetter and ride the crap out of it.

Some do some dont!!!! I have 3000 off road miles on mine, stock coolant, stock cap and stock thermo!! I ride in the desert high speed never had a problem period!!This bike is designed to be ridden fast so if you ride it on slow trails you would want to do those mods.Most of the time the over heating problems occure during the breakin period.If the bike is not jetted rt or valves are off it will over heat.all my friends have bone stock xrr s and have never had overheating problems!Just uncork and jet correctly and you should not have any problems. :)

the only way i got mine to stop puking coolent was to install a high pressure thermo and rad cap. i went to for help. i ride hard on tight first gear east cost enduros and have been fine. :)

Unless you are over 5,000 feet in elevation make sure you moved the stock pilot jet from a 65s to the 68s.

It helps a ton.

Originally posted by terryhotshoe:

...stock coolant, stock cap and stock thermo!! I ride in the desert high speed never had a problem period!!...

I'm with you Terry. No boil over problems for me either (stock cap, coolant & thermostat), but I've only had my XR650R since November and have less than 1,000 miles on it.


click on tech bulletins alot of cool info from a proffesional racer.

The heat tape mod especially.

Alchohol for metal prep and aluminum tape available from Home Depot for $7 dollars.

This will keep your fuel from getting to hot on slow trails and dissipate some heat to the bike's surroundings instead.

Highly recommended on XR650R and CRF450R.

It took under two hours to do on my450.

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