OOH Baby - 62.5bhp crank & 57.4 at wheel YZ426.....

Very good. Just living for the next ride right now.

I still don't believe you got 14 more hp with just fuel additive and a 450 cam :cry:. I would think 3-4 hp would be the most possible just from gas or additive. I would like to see a report by someone else who has tried it before I would believe it.

Unless you're willing to accept a mix of 98% Nitromethane as a "fuel additive", I have to agree. Increasing the octane of a fuel adds no power at all unless the octane was too low previously. Certain "octane boosters" do have the ability to add power because of other characteristics, but 14?

English horses must be a great deal smaller than ours.

You've never seen a shetland pony? :cry:


Dyno bragging.

Wow, I have got to get some of that mystery oil.

I too could create HP like that!


I'm confused by the dyno chart. It shows rear wheel HP as being more than Crank or Gearbox HP. How could this be?

Also, wouldn't the different rear wheel diameter between the YZ and WR confuse the dyno too?

The green represents the rear wheel hp.

You've never seen a shetland pony? :cry:


Thats a Welsh pony!

dyno guy

how big is YOUR pony?




A mechanic I know built a 97mm 14:1 ported, methanol burning, hotcam equiped 426 and it made about 60 at the wheel, so I think your figures are somewhat high. I know no 2 dynos are the same, and it also depends on how the dyno was set up (ramp run etc)

I cant believe no-one said this yet, but he must work for the company..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

The dyno calculates the torque by how fast the revs change. A yzf will make the revs change quicker, so the dyno thinks it's making more torque than it really is.

cheatin pure and simple. and yeh he probably does work for the company. :cry:

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