Changing Bars???

What is the deal with everyone changing the bars on their bikes. Does installing Pro Tapers or Renthal bars make it feel different or ride better?

Sorry for the question, just trying to learn as much as posible.

The main issue is the ease at which the stock bars will bend after an off.

Adding 1 1/8 inch bars will also allow you to bring the bars up about an inch as well. This is a good thing if you are on the taller side and like to stand when riding. I am 5'11" and really like the ride I get from an aftermarket bar. :cry:

The more you ride, you will find that the stock bars may or may not place your hands exactly where you want them. The improved ergonomics to be had from aftermarket bars can be a huge improvement in your riding.

Also, yes, the stock bars bend like butter. I ran a set of protapers through the wringer, with many spectacular get offs, and never bent them.

Now I am running the "Fastco Flexx Bars". These have flex built into them, and absorb a lot of the vibration and sharp bumps that would otherwise make me grip the bars too tight and get arm pump. These bars rock.


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