D.I.Y. Stator Rewinding (aka. Lighting Coil)

:cry: Could anyone explain what exactly to buy and how to rewind a stator (lighting coil) on your own? Eg. what kind of wire (coated/uncoated), how much, where do you buy it, what kind of sealant, etc...

I (along with many other people, I'm sure) hope someone who has successfully accomplished DO-IT-YOURSELF stator rewinding might share how it is done.

At the very least, does anyone know where to find detailed instructions on how to rewind an XR650R stator on your own? :cry:

Any help is much appreciated, so :worthy:THANK YOU :cry: in advance...

Wow! Thanks, that was fast!!! Nice website, too! :cry:

I rewound mine, and it wasn't too bad. There are a couple of other write ups on it too. Just do a search (google, or something of the sort) and read a few before you attempt it.

Good luck.

Wink :cry: :cry:

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