WB Hot Tip for XR600R is a Big THUMBS UP

Went out for a scoot this evening at the local trail system. Just put about $400 worth of new parts on my bike including the Hot Tip. I had a Supertrapp and now realize how bad it really was. Now I have some major low to mid, nearly as much top, and above all it is super quiet. These things are only $55 and slip right into the stock pipe. Can't say enough good things about it. Keep our trails open longer, go stealth. Ryan :)

Thanks again for the additional info. on the Hot Tip. I'm certainly going to give that a shot. Can the Hot Tip, and opening the airbox both be done with the stock carb. settings? Or is rejetting required? Another question, I noticed your using 13/48 gearing rather than the stock 15/45. Could you explain the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of doing this. Also I was reading somewhere about having problems with the chain guide wearing out by going with a larger rear sprocket. What did you use to compensate for this? Once again I really appreciate the help. Thanks, Mike

First, I have an XR600R which has different gearing. Stock gears are 14/48, then I went to 13/50 which was a little to low, now I am at 13/48 which seems about right. To gear down (go slower) you can either go down a tooth on the front sprocket, or go up a few teeth on back. Going down one tooth in front is like going up three in back and is much cheaper. If you will be riding trails at all I would recommend 14/45 on your 650. You will gain better acceleration at the loss of top speed. Basically, your bike will be more rideable on tight trails off-road.

On the Hot Tip, you will have to rejet the stock carb, but there are plenty of XR gurus around this place to hook you up with the correct jetting. (I'm not one of them) Seems Ed Buratti is quite knowledgeable with the 650L. Hope this helps, Ryan

Thanks Ryan, you've been a big help. Mike

Where did you pick that Hot Tip up at? White Brothers doesn't even show it on their website? :)

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