Riding in the sand, question on tire and sag.

Next week, I'm going to enter the Sand Flea race on the dunes. Anyways I'm not positive but I think I cannot run a paddle (can anyone confirm?), which tire is the best to run and should I remove some of the knobs to make it more paddle like? I was thinking Dunlop 773. And also should I change my sag to around 105, to get some weight off the forks? Thanks

I adjust the compression on my front forks making it a lot stiffer and it rides just fine through the sand dunes. I leave my sag at 100mm.

It's confirmed, I cannot run a paddle tire. Any suggestions?

try a pirelli mt44 or a shinko 540

both have a very aggressive tread that is great in the sand

S-12 from michelin (I think)

IRC M5B Soft. I wouldnt go any wider than the 130.

I love soft sand. You can increase the sag a bit and lower your fork tubes. Soft suspension and Michelin S12. Keep you derriere back and sit on the rear fender and keep the front light, open up and let the front do the seeking it does and voilá! No better amusement on earth (almost..) 4-stroke power rules! :cry:

It's confirmed, I cannot run a paddle tire. Any suggestions?

The 773 is the best sand tire I've tried. Noticeably more traction than the S12 or the MT 44 IMHO.

Also, the Dunlop comes sized larger. Try a 120/90/19 Dunlop 773. If you have some spare time and think that traction will be a big issue, remove every other row of center knobbies, or every 2nd and 3rd row. I've seen pictures of this and you end up w/ something similar to a paddle. I would not try this however unless there was no hardpack at all on the race course.

Also, if you aren't worried about pinch flats run 10 psi, front and rear. A good sand tire up front is just as critical BTW (I think the S12 and MT44 are the equal, or nearly so, as the 773 up front, the 756 is also pretty decent).

As for your suspension running a bit more sag will help, but you may try running less hi speed compression on the shock instead. If there are any whoops you should definitely run less rebound in the shock and a bit more compression in the forks.

Good luck, hope this helps.

Thanks for all the responses. I went with the 773's front and rear. Mouted them today and went with 10 psi. I lowered my sag to 103mm. I always run Dunlops, so I stayed in the family.

S-12 from michelin (I think)

MS2 is better.

Just stiffen everything up quite a bit. Like at least 5 clicks both ends. Otherwise what happens is your suspension will just blow through the stroke and get kicked all over the place.

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