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That's got to be out by my house in Riverside Ca. There are all kinds of gnarly road jumps just like that out here, and that terrain looks just like the hills by my house. That is an insane picture.

You have to have HUGE cahones to go for that much air off that road jump. Notice how much they built up the face of the jump.

Cool pic., it looks like the rider is going to eat it or he's just about to tap the rear brake, cause that front end is awfully high at that part of the arc of the jump. Almost two years ago, Clark Stiles(motoxxx) was staying at my neighbors house while he was out here for supercross and went play riding with us and we went out to some road jumps just like the one in the picture. Clark was doing heel-clickers and whips and made it look easy while jumping 30+ feet up and over the road to the high side. It was amazing to watch. Guys at that level truly are in a league of their own.

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