Pro Action Suspension

I have a good question for you guys. I have a 2003 YZF450, and have been riding it for almost the whole summer, Had a Kawasaki before. Anyway, I used to race probobly 6 years ago, then got out of riding. Then 3 years ago, I started to race sno-x, then decided to get back into bikes. Anyway, long story short, I am right at the point of moving up to the 250 amateur class, and right now I am having issues with the suspension being real harsh, but also bottoming out on bigger stuff. The bike is all stock right now. I was thinking of having the suspension done by Pro Action. That would be a complete re-valve front and rear, along with an aluminum piston for the rear shock, new oil, and setup for me at the races... What kind of improvement should I expect for my money... I know the suspension will be much more plush, and resist bottoming a lot more... Can I also expect better braking charactaristics, and better cornering. Where will I see the most improvement?

lets us know how it comes out,soon as iam willing to part with the moola i will get mine done.

Everyone has different opinions on this so I'll only share my personal experiences. I have used ProAction on two different bikes (I'm a slow learner, I guess). I was not satisfied with either of them - even after returning for rework. Plus, they are very expensive once you pay for everything you need to make your suspension right. This last time I sent my stuff off to Jeff Howe at TrakControl Dynamics . He tuned my suspension using the stock valves (the Aluminum ProAction shock valve is all hocus pocus, IMO).

I have never been happier with my suspension - it does exactly what it's suppose to do. I can ride faster with more control than ever.

If you want cool stickers that tells everyone you paid a lot to have someone fiddle with your suspension, go to ProAction, if you want the best suspension go to TrakControl.

BTW, half of Jeff's racers/testers ride YZ450Fs. The best way of getting ahold of Jeff is through the email link on his web site.


Hey guys, I've been using trakcontrols since he first started out, best stuff hands down, I know Jeff really well, I can tell you this, no one works harder at trying to improve, he's always giving me things to test, best service too, for the money, you won't regret it. :cry:

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