---BEST REAR TIRE NOR CAL --------???

I allways run the M12 or S12 in the front

(MS2 is discontinued)anyways I am looking for a REAR tire

I ride pipe pi,

foresthill,and mostly Caregie,some club moto

but mostly trails 75% of the time

any help would be great.I am thinking S12 or Maxiss IT

anyother coments would be great ,

oh ya I ride a 03 YZ450

Thanks everyone

Michelin S12 for both tires is very popular here, good for soft tracks and trails. Amazingly little wear also on hard terrain, but does not like paved roads (then again, what knobs would?). Especially the front tire is super. I know many who like also the Pirelli MT32 and MT320, but on my bike the rear MT32 got round too quick and the front MT320 had absolutely no turning abilities in sand. But guess that depends so much on the soil.

I'm sure you like the S12 also on rear if u have not yet tried it. JMO, and I'm a bit away from NorCal...

I've found that my favorite tire for NorCal conditions is the Maxxis IT and the Kenda Carlsbad. Both are inexpensive, hook up reasonably well and last a long time.

I ride Club Moto, Hangtown, and Hollister.

The Kenda is a surprising tire. It rounds off the edge in an hour or so, but it wears very slowly after that. I think it actually crosses over to softer stuff better than the Maxxis, but I haven't ridden the tires back-to-back for a true comparison.

I used to exclusively run Dunlop 756 rears but those are just not good on hardpack.

BTW - I have a brand new S12 rear I'd sell to you for a good price if you want to try it. Just send me a PM. I'm at Club Moto every Tuesday.

Hi Brown.

Last week I put a Maxxis IT on my '04 450 to replace the stock Dunlop rear. It was like a whole new bike! What a huge difference over the stock. It hooks up very well in the corners, choppy straits, and mud. I ran it at Lake Elsinore, which is hard clay that turns to snot when they "groom" it. It wasn't the best in the areas where a thin layer of sand was on top of the packed clay. A very good tire.

Maxxis ITs rears are "THE" tire IMO...they hook up well in just about every situation...just as well as the dunlop 756s. They wear like iron(i get about a month of riding out of a 756 vs about 3-4 out of a IT) and are on average 20 bucks cheaper. Check out rockymountainatv.com...they can be had for about 40 bucks.

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