WR450F 03 Starter Making noise! Need Help!!!

I have an 2003 WR450F that when I push the starter buttom the bike tries to start (and does) but make a noise that sounds like a loose belt on a car or a LOUD squeal. It even does it when I kick start the bike. The noise stops when the bike starts no matter if you kick start it or use the button. Any ideas anyone!! :cry:

might want to do a search of the YZ/WR450 forum for the starter upgrade for the 03 model WR to O4 starter, some of them had problems, sound like your may be going that way. :cry:

I have the same problem. I was told that it is the starter clutch. It is a $68 part on BikeBandit. I bought one, but I haven't installed it yet.


My bike was doing the same thing. For me it was a bad starter, even though the thing was less then a year old. Easy way to check this is to look on the left side of your motor. Look for a 2" round case cover held on by two bolts. Remove the bolts and the 2" round cover. Also remove the gear that in now exposed.

With the gear removed, hit your starter button. If your bike is making the same noise that you were hearing before, then you have a bad starter, and it needs to be replaced with a new one. (this is what was wrong with my bike)

If you don't hear the same noise, then the problem is some where else in your motor. Possibly the starter clutch, but not sure on that.

Do you have to drain the oil from the bike first, and if you do don't you hurt the bike if you hit the start buttom to check the starter?

No you dont need to drain oil to check out the starter or gear, I dont believe it would hurt the starter any if it free spun without engaging anything.

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