18,000 acres lost in Calif

18,000 acres of SoCal desert are closed and not a single response to this post. Either nobody in this forum lives in SoCal, or nobody in here cares.

Some of your fellow TTers spend a lot of their personal time writing letters to our legislators urging them to lighten up on bogus anti-off road regulations. They attend meetings to get the skinny on land closures. They attend public hearings to speak for YOU. They are doing their best to protect YOUR right to ride. They make sure YOU are aware of land closures so that YOU can do something about it. Did I mention that they do this on their personal time?

If you guys don't put up a fight, then you have no right to bitch when they close your favorite riding area. If your gonna just lay down and take it, then you might as well sell your bike and take up golf, because it is coming sooner than you think.

I, for one, am very disappointed.

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