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new 2005 CRF250R initial woods set up

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I now have 10 hours on my 05 250R.

Out of the crate, the bike was perfect, all nuts, bolts, coolant levels, and even the spokes were just right, and the oil levels were correct, all the bearings were properly greased, I could have just added gas and went riding.

But I did the usual rip it apart before I start it routine.

Did a hard break in as per www.mototuneusa.com reccomendations. So far has not burned one ounce of oil.

I added a skid plate, Sendec hour meter and EE handguards. (unabiker rad guards are on the way).

I ride in extremely tight nasty conditions, so the stock 13/51 gearing was a bit tall, always worried about stalling, I just added a 53 tooth rear sprocket, no more stalling concerns, we checked the top speed to be 65 mph with this gearing, fast enough for my riding areas.

The bike has very good tractable power, and the light weight is great for tight woods, the suspension is even good out of the box for me, I have not felt the need to spin the clickers yet.

I am thinking of adding either a trail tech flywheel weight or a rekluse auto clutch next....

I am coming off a heavily modded 2004 CR250R. So far the bike feels good, I think it will make a good race bike, the fuel range from the stock 7.3 litre tank is about the same range as I get from my 12.2 litre Clarke tank on my 2 stroke.

Starting is pretty good, usually 1 to 3 kicks, occassionally 10 kicks, so the 2 stroke wins there. I just hope it is as reliable as my 02 & 03 CRf450's were.

I saw a few posts on seat comfort, the rear part of the seat is very thinly padded, if you are tall you tend to sit back a bit on the seat, probably on the part with very little padding, so maybe a tall seat will help out there, love my tall SDG seat on the CR.

I have kept the CR till I convince myself this bike will replace it, so far so good! :cry: :cry:

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I just got an 05 CRF250R as well. I ride all woods

except when there's a Motocross track in a

hare scramble. I'm considering the Rekluse auto clutch...

just quite can't pull the trigger on this one yet.

I found the suspension to be incredible for the woods.

I also have 2 KTM 250 2 strokes (04 and 01) that have

been re-valved and there is absolutely NO comparison between the suspensions.

The Honda is SOOOOO much better. I can't believe how this bike handles.

I'll be doing my 1st race on it next weekend in the 1st round of the Mid South Winter Series.

I'm looking forward to seeing how I do on this bike.

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I would recommend the rekluse auto clutch and the flywheel weight. I put a 13 oz flywheel weight on first and then added the auto clutch. When my 05 comes in I will be either using a 9 or 11 oz flywheel weight with the auto clutch. The 13 is more than required.

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