Another XR600 Jetting Question

Ok another new guy to the board with a similar question asked by XR David.

I have a ’96 XR600 with a Baja Designs dual sport kit on it. It has a WB E series exhaust with 12 disks installed and a K&N air filter. I am running a 165 main jet and I have opened the air- screw 2.5 turns yet it still runs lean. Before I go to a larger main (and pilot) I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing and what they did to fix it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post.

BTW, The bike is ridden in the So Cal deserts and local mountains.


is it lean at idle or WOT?

with a header, gutted intake and airbox and supercrap with 8 disc on the stock carb, i was running a 70/168. With the cam I went up to a 170 or 172.

Matt96XR6. Mainly at lower speeds. Based on the plug condition, exhaust popping and stalling at idle when the air was cold in the mountains (which I think would lean it out anyway). It would also pop when I decelerate or down shift. I just opened the air screw 3 full turns which may be too much, and took out 2 disks from the pipe as I mentioned. It’s running a 165 main but I don’t know what the pilot is yet. I’m taking it out for a ride today to see if the adjustments make a difference.

I'm the same as Matt96xr6, I run a 70pj and the airscrew at 2 turns out. But I run a 170 main. Just me, the bike shouldn't pop when you let off, I have found that if they pop when you let off it's a lean pj.


Thanks for the info Turner.

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