Anyone have a stock muffler for sale?

A friend of mine has an xr650r(water cooled). He just made his muffler look like a hockey stick the other day. Normally I'm over at the CRF forum, but I told him I'd drop in here and ask you guys if anyone has a stock muffler for cheap.

Thanks. RR.

I have a take off pipe. Itis in good condition.

A new pipe is about $450.

Let me know what you are willing to pay. :)

goneridin, please check your PM's. Thanks, RR.

Hello. I would take $150.00 for the pipe. You or your friend can contact me at (406)782-9129. Ask for Tim in the Parts department. Or you can email me at

Thanks and ride on.

Gone Ridin

Thank you Tim, I'll pass the info on. RR.

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