YZ450F with WR Lighting coil?

Has anyone put the WR stator on a YZ450F? If so was it a bolt on or did it take modifications? I am thinking of taking a YZ450F and putting lights on it. I would get the WR but I don't want the extra weight of the electric start. I know WR's have more flywheel. Is it just from the stator or is there more to it than that?


When you install a WR stator you will also need to install the WR flywheel. The WR flywheel is heavier and larger in diameter making the mass farther from the center creating more flywheel effect. Not sure if it can be done on a 450 but it works great on a 426. Supposedly the WR flywheel is the equivalent to about a 8 to 10 oz flywheel weight added onto the YZF flywheel.

Hey Chipstien,

Did you notice much difference in the power delivery with that WR flywheel? I just ordered a WR flywheel for my YZ, and I'm going to do the pink-wire mod on an '02 WR stator I have..just wondering.

I didn't really notice any difference in power per se. Only that there is more traction and less wheel spin. Plus I am able to lugg much lower in the tight technical stuff. Definatly a mod I needed for the stuff here in the Cascades. :cry:

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