quicksilver carb settings

I am expecting my quicksilver carb any day,and I was hoping someone who rides in similar conditions could post their settings as to which needle they are useing,at how many clicks out.I have a xr650r uncorked with the optional honda exhaust insert.The temperature is usually between 75 and 95 and often rather humid.Usually I ride below 3500 feet, but sometimes go up to higher altitude.Any help would be appreciated-thanks.

The Edelbrock comes from the factory for a bike that's had the basic airbox and tailpipe mods done (uncorked). The 15E leaner needle that comes with the kit works well for a completely stock bike (corked version). The 17E needle that comes installed works well for the uncorked bike and the richer 19E needle works well if you have the full HRC kit installed (high compression piston, bigger cam, etc). Also note there's a significant amount of overlap from one needle to the next.

My recommendation would be to install it and first try it the way it comes from Edelbrock based on your temp, altitude, and your bike being uncorked. Most people end up between 10 - 16 clicks from full rich with the stock needle and quite a few people find 12 clicks works very well. I would not mess with the pump settings unless you are experiencing a problem as it's set nicely from the factory for most applications.

The most important things I can think of when installing this carb is to make sure and turn up your idle enough when you start it for the first time, otherwise you may end up kicking all day wihtout starting your bike. Also, when you go to start your bike cold, don't forget to give your throttle 3 or 4 quick twists right before you kick it over. If you twist the throttle slowly, the accelerator pump will return that fuel to the bowl instead. It's an easy install and your bike should fire right up.

Good luck!

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