I have to replace 99' YZ400F stator, what about a WR for the lights???

i have to replace my stator, but i want to run some lights in the dunes. so i would like the output from the WR. how does this work... or will it work?? :cry:

Yep it works. You will need the Wr flywheel also. Then you need to modify the wireing on the Wr stator to work with the yz cdi. Its a pretty simple mod though.

There is a diagram on www.electrexusa.com website that shows how to do this.

You will also need a voltage regulator for the headlight or you will blow bulbs like crazy. The regulator is only like $20. Call electrex they can set you up with everything ya need. :cry:

The instructions for the WR to YZ stator conversion on the Electrex website are for running the Electrex Dual Sport kit...which requires a floating ground for charging a battery. If you just want to run a headlight, the conversion is different because you don't want a floating ground. That has caused alot of confusion for WR to YZ stator conversionists. Basically, all you do is cut the pink wire off the coil on the stator and ground it. If I were you, I'd call Ritzo at Electrex and have him run you through how to do it.

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