XR650R Motor with HRC Kit for Sale(Carb Included)

howdy, long time no see :) well, i was in a motorcycle accident on the XR650R and was hit by an older gentleman(turned left about 20 feet in front of me while i was going approx 45mph, he was issued a ticket soon after). Bike is totaled because of twisted forks, busted steering head and bent front rim and a couple other things(entire left side fairings are damaged). However the motor and exhaust are perfectly fine. I am selling the motor out of my XR650R and the carb with it along with the exhaust. It has the HRC kit(intake restrictiion removal jets, exhaust tip, etc). I am selling the motor, the intake, the airbox, the carb with its current HRC jets, the full exhaust(stock with the power up tip), mounts, handlebar levers and all cable associated(clutch lever assembly is busted), and radiators(not damaged), thermostat, and all hoses associated. The motor has been run since the accident and runs perfectly and smoothly just as it did befor the accident. No cracks, stress marks, bent or warped pieces on the motor at all. the pipes/exhaust are not damaged in any way. motor had approx 800 miles on it before accident and ran beautifully(still does). make reasonable offer and its yours, not trying to make profit, just trying to get some compensation for bills aquired in the accident. please get a hold of me at redlinetripper@hotmail.com I'm located in houston texas

Aaron Zeamer

"Whose your favorite Little Rascal.......Spanky?"

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Geez, sorry to hear about the accident. People always think of motorcycles as being dangerous, but it is other people you have to look out for. The guy leading our ride Thursday almost got plowed. We were cruising down the fire roads about 25-30 when two guys on two smokes tucked a blind corner going sideways at about 35 mph. Luckily we were going slow enough to get out of the way. Good luck on the recovery and I am sure you will have no probs selling the motor. Ryan

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