studding tires for winter!!

im gonna be starting my winter tires soon. i use just regular ice screws about 3/4" long and drill them into an old tire. who else rides in snow and do you have any good patterns that worked the best.

Talk to T.T. member frostbite.

Just about to get ready for the upcoming season :cry:

If your serious about ice these are the tires for you

check out the link rock central

There's even a description on how their built.

I have some used tires if you want to give it a try.

and seeing your from alberta :cry:, get into racing, it's a hoot

here's the web site. AEIRA and if anyone else is interested in racing, feel free to send me a post.

Feburary 19/20 2005 is the 24hr World Endurance Ice Race known as the "Numb Bum" all are welcome

My new spiketires! Front Bridge Gritty ED661, Rear Trelleborg WinterFriction 454, spikes acid-treated and glued on drilled tires. These are for MX-track. Spiketires for trails do not have spikes pointing out to the sides. Spikes for real icetracks on frozen lakes are even much longer!

edited, link was not working

oh right on, thats my birthday to. where is it being held?

i couldn't get that 2nd one to load.

Here's the actual http address. Click on the Home Page when you enter, Don't know why it doesn't work.

It has some good pics and a cool Telford lake video

Alberta Endurance Ice Racing Association

There is a complete race season with 5 or so races. All races are 6 hours plus the big 24hr event.

This will total about 3000kms of riding if you complete the season.

Ft.Mac did host a race in previous years during your winter carnival. :cry:

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