To Edelbrock or not to Edelbrock

I have an uncorked 01 pig, 175 mj, 68s pj, b53e 3rd, WB e with 12 discs. This thing runs good enough I’m afraid to ruin it with an Edelbrock. It starts easy hot or cold (sometimes it takes 2 kicks cold). I’ll admit to being a long-term 4-stroke guy (have owned KDX200 and CR500 though). I have owned Norton and BSA 500 singles as well as Yamaha (old 2-valve and 5 valve), several Honda RFVCs. As it is right now the pig is the best running of the bunch. It has great response and power everywhere, what am I missing? Has anybody seen dyno charts (other then vender brochures) that show the difference?

Just from looking at the design - the Edelbrock looks like the old Lectron carb with a new name. The problem is that after unplugging the 650R few riders know how to jet properly. I believe the Edelbrock is destined for the same fate as the Lectron.

Originally posted by jjmalone:

...This thing runs good enough ...

If your bike runs good enough, then you've said it all. It's what you're happy with that matters. Don't go looking for a lot more top end power in a pumper carb no matter what brand you pick or you may be dissapointed, but the shape of the dyno curve will be changed down low for the better when the throttle is quickly opened and that's where the accelerator pump really shines among other benefits. If you want to read more about Edelbrock carbs, here's some reviews, but if you're happy with how things are, then why mess with a good thing?

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