which to buy? 2000 or 2001BRP?

Hi, everyone

I am soon to buy an XR650R and I intend to dual-sport it. In the local used bike classifieds I can find two XR650R's. The first is a 2000 model, brand new, leftover from the previous year. The second is a 2001 that is used 20 km according to the dealer and therefore "virtually new".

The prices in Canadian dollars are:

1) 2000 new leftover $6499

2) 2001 virtually new $6999

I know that the 2001 and '02 models have an updated countershaft seal and clutch bushing, but those seem like small potatoes compared to $500 off. My instincts tell me to get the 2000 model and install those updated parts myself when needed.

Anyone care to agree or disagree?

Kurt Penner

Save the bucks,those parts are cheep and easy to install!

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