Hot tip the same as exhaust tip??? and are they all the same?? (made by one comp and then relabled?) I was going to get tip untill I found out it wasabout 140 w/s&h. But I see someone posted 50.00 @ rockymountainmc.com. Anygood? :)

If anyone has any feedback on this $50.00 exhaust tip for the XR 650L from White Bros. I would really like to hear it. Thanks

The Hot Tip is the best exhaust mod you can get for the money, hands down. The XR650L tip is $47.99 at Chaparall, so probably cheaper at www.rockymountainmc.com. The sound level is great, only 1.2 dB above stock. You can actually hear the intake sucking air which is weird at first. Power is much better than my SuperTrapp on bottom and mid, comparable on top. I highly recommend this part as a low cost alternative to loud aftermarket $$$ systems. Ryan

Thanks for the input Ryan. Much appreciated.

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