Dennis Kirk to UK

toyota_mdt_tech recommended Dennis Kirk as a place to get the PMB insert. Cheers mate! I now recommend them for everything motorbikes to everyone in the UK. I paid for regular old FedEx shipping and my order came two days after i placed it. Cheap stuff and the weak dollar/strong pound at the moment helps as well.

Time for some acoustically considerate hooliganism this weekend!

Got a link for 'em?

I used Rocky Mountain and got good service, shipped to UK in 4 days

Also ordered a quiet products exhaust insert, tho' that took a little longer.

Good deal mousemeat! Glad it worked out. Ilike the o-ring seal on the PMB, just a nice precision looking piece! :cry: They have a new shipping policy, a flat $6 and if its over $100 purchase, shipping is free!

I doubt that deal is to the UK. Not too bad on shipping anyway. Better than the US hockey shops have quoted.

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