2-trac on ebay

Yeah, will be interesting to see how much it finally sells for!

There's only 30 in the UK

Here in Bulgaria the price is 9000Euro which is way overpriced if you ask me. I have heard that in Europe it is about 8000Euro

In england a stock one is 8500 Euros!

just interested, what would it be in US dollars?

on ebay, its about 9 grand in us

Something stinks about this auction...

The front wheel is driven from a hydraulic pump conected to the side of the engine (look at the pics) and when the sensor detects rear wheel slip, it activates the front wheel to pull you out of trouble.

My understanding was that there wasn't any sensor on these bikes. Rear wheel slip simply means that the engine rpm is going up, which in turn makes the front wheel turn faster. There is no electronic traction control... Is there?


The reason my mate is selling the bike is because its a bit too big and powerfull for him (hes only 5.4") and he cant touch the floor comfortably.

The bike isn't too big for him if "his other bike is a yz125" like the ad states. The YZ's are just as tall as the WR's aren't they?

Also, if it's too powerfull for the guy, why did he do performance mods to it like an aftermarket exhaust, a p38, and extra air holes in the airbox?

Maybe its legit... Like I said, something just stinks with it, and it's not hydraulic fluid.

Agree about the too powerful thing, but the seat does appear to have been cut down to fit a shortarse!

He is selling the 125 too, I see, but are they the same size? I thought the 125's were smaller?

I have to say I was seriously tempted to put a bid on that last night! I resisted as I dont knwo enough about those bikes, and I see the reserve has not been met yet!

Would be great to try one out though, dont ya reckon?

nah, i yz's are around 38-39 inches, as are the wr's so theyre about the same thing

Euro is around $1.20. Which means it costs $1.20 for 1 euro. 8500 multiplied by 1.2 equals $10,200 and that is without the killer taxes. Diesel in Europe is around $4.00 gallon/$4.50 for regular/$5.00 for super and as high as $6 in metro areas. We live large here in USA. All prices are approx.and 3 years ago you could buy one Euro for around 80 cents.

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